The Maccabi Victoria Golf Club (formerly Ajax Golf Association) was started jointly by Philip Kleid and Nathan Frydman in 1973 as a result of Victoria’s first involvement in carnival golf in Western Australia.

Prior to carnival golf starting, there were a few interstate unofficial competitions between Victoria and New South Wales.

A committee was formed and Jonathan Clark, Jeff Gordon and Bruce Baker were added.

Clark took over as president in 1980 and it was at this point in time that the club started to become pro-active. In 1982 the Eli Peters Junior Jewish Golf Championship was inaugurated by Peter Klein following the tragic death of close friend 14 year old Eli Peters (son of Maccabi legend Barney Peters) in a car accident.

In 1984, Gordon was elected to the presidency and was responsible for starting the Victorian Jewish Golf Championship.

Both tournaments developed and continued to grow and improve each year.

The club added to its activities various tournaments in Victoria, interstate and has provided several Maccabiah representatives playing golf in Israel against the world’s best.

Many committee people have served the club with a lot of passion and hard work and due to this hard work the club has become of one Maccabi Victoria’s leading clubs with membership well over 100, financially very sound and very highly respected in the Jewish sporting community.

Life Memberships have been awarded to Philip Kleid, Jonathan Clark, Jeff Gordon, Nick Swart, Steve Korman, Stephen Wagen & Allen Garb

"The most important shot in golf is the next one"

Jack Nicklaus

Our Mission

To engage and strengthen the Victorian Jewish community by:

  • Developing and promoting the opportunity for all members to share and embrace their Jewish identity through sport & wellbeing activities

  • Encouraging participation in sport through annual sporting events at the state, national and international level.

  • Working actively to support programs that embody the Maccabi ideals of Jewish continuity, support for the state of Israel and excellence in sport.

  • Creating a sustainable and prosperous financial position for the Maccabi Golf Club that enables the organization to support the objectives and ambitions of the club.

  • To be forward focused and embracing of opportunities which ensure the longevity of the Maccabi Golf Club.

Our Vision

To be the organisation of first choice for the Australian Jewish Community to participate in Sport and Wellbeing activities.

Our Values

Respect    Teamwork    Community    Volunteerism

As a Maccabi Victoria Golf Club member, we would like you to play a role in promoting these values each and every time you take to the course. By accepting membership you commit to do your part to uphold these values and promote the Maccabi brand in the community in a positive light.